hellbutterfly0627 said: You should totally make a Loki yarn doll

I’m actually working on one, but he keeps getting put to the side, poor boy. I think it’s his helmet—it’s a beast.

captainjackwholock said: what technique do you use for your amigurumi hair? it looks wonderful!

Thank you! It really depends on the amigurumi. For Merida, I used a smaller hook to make a wig cap, then attached pieces of yarn in a latch-hook style. For the Hulk, I used a wool and fur yarn to embroider a wig directly on the head. And for Thor, the hair is attached underneath the helmet. I like to mix techniques depending on the yarn I have and the character I’m doing.

ladiiwhisper said: are you selling the pattern?

I haven’t fully transposed my patterns in a readable format yet, unfortunately! ;;;;
Was there a particular pattern you were interested in?

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